August 2019

I feel the need to lift up one word to our community of faith during this time of chronic crisis in our country as a result of unprecedented levels of gun violence and domestic terrorism:  Peacemaker

 Michael’s Missive -August 2019

May/June 2019

I sense God’s Spirit moving in new and fresh ways. That excites me.

Michael’s Missive -May/June 2019

April 2019

I know Easter isn’t here yet; it’s just around the corner.  It’s Friday and Sunday’s a comin’. 

 Michael’s Missive - April 2019
Attachments: Court-Clergy 1; Court-Clergy 2; Frances’s Bio; Food Pantry; Border Letter

January 2019

I too participated in the cross-border experience.  It was an eye-opening and soul-stirring experience.  The Spirit stirs within me.  I keep asking myself, “Now that I know, what must I do?”

 Michael’s Missive - January 2019
Attachments: Welcoming the Stranger, 501 Conference, Peace-ing it Together, Sunrise of Hope

November 2018

How do we serve as conduits of God’s love, compassion, and healing presence in the public square?   Can God, in us, make a difference in this crazy, upside-down world?  Yes, I believe God can – and does!

Michael’s Missive - November 2018
Attachments: Peace-ing It Together 2019, Zypher Point Junior High Camp, Synod Bookkeeper Job Description



August 2018

We are a connectional church.  It’s a fundamental biblical tenet of our faith.  And so I’ve been intentional about pressing the importance of living out Hebrews 10:24-25, as a Presbytery.  If we are strong relationally, we will be more effective in missions.    

Michael’s Missive - August 2018