Our Committees


Executive Committee

  • Arranges the docket of business for meetings of Presbytery

  • Considers and reports to Presbytery upon all new program proposals and appeals for monies

  • Reviews and evaluates the work of Presbytery in light of the goals, priorities, and directions developed by the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly

  • Provides an input to the Human Resources Committee

  • Reviews and comments on a preliminary budget to be presented to Presbytery by the BP&F Committee

  • Selects nominees for the Nominating Committee

  • Elects chairs of ministry teams

  • Hears reports from its subcommittees, commissions, standing committees and ministry teams, upon request, and acts upon them

  • Acts on items that have been assigned to it by the Presbytery for action between meetings of Presbytery

  • Supports the chairs of standing committees and ministry teams in coping with issues and problems confronting them

  • May also appoint special committees as needed to facilitate its mission or for special purposes.


Sue Skala - Chair
Rev. Fairlight Lower - Moderator of Presbytery
Wells Lyman - Vice-Moderator of Presbytery
Rev. Greg Bostrom - Budget, Property and Finance
Rev. Michael Sedgwick - Committee on Ministry
Rev. Markus Watson - Committee on Preparation
Rev. Michael McClenahan - Cyclical
Maurice Caskey - Ecclesiastical
Rev. Eileen VanGieson - Evangelism & Mission
Rev. Gary Ziccardi - Human Resources
Rev. Chris Kohlbry - Nominating
Rev. Jack Baca - At-large Class of 2019
Holly Nolan - At-large Class of 2019
Rev. Karla Shaw - At-large Class of 2020
Lloyd Tooks - At-large Class of 2020

Ex-officio members:
Rev. Michael Mudgett - Executive Presbyter
Frances Lin - Stated Clerk


3rd Tuesday of the month prior to each Presbytery Meeting at Point Loma Presbyterian Church


Budget, Property, & Finance

The Budget, Property, and Finance (BPF) Committee manages the financial and property affairs of the Presbytery. Among its responsibilities:
- prepare and present the presbytery budget
- manage donor restricted and presbytery designated funds
- manage presbytery-owned property
- maintain adequate insurance coverage
- provide for annual financial review of presbytery finances
- oversee presbytery expenditures and financial records
- review and make recommendations to presbytery concerning all requests from particular congregations desiring to take property actions, including construction, renovation, rental, and incurring debt.


Rev. Dr. Greg Bostrom, Chair - La Costa
Bruce Huebner - Solana Beach
Laura Mitchell - La Jolla
Jan Magot - La Jolla
Karla Shaw - Point Loma Community
Bill Tayler - Village
Garrett Merrill - La Costa
Rev. Jim Rauch - Trinity


Fourth Wednesday of the Month at Northminster Presbyterian Church


Committee on Ministry

  • Assists the Presbytery to build and maintain relationships with teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders and congregations as required by the Book of Order

  • Assists congregations with the process of calling new teaching elders, approves and presents calls, approves examination of ministers transferring from other presbyteries, oversees pastoral ordinations and/or installation

  • Dissolves pastoral relationships in certain situations, grants permission to labor within or outside the bounds of presbytery, and dismisses ministers to other presbyteries

  • Counsels with churches regarding other pastoral relationships that might be necessary or appropriate (such as interim, stated supply, Commissioned Ruling Elder, or designated pastor)

  • Maintains a process to validate ministries and mission studies

  • Counsels with sessions regarding difficulties in congregations.

CoM Manual


Rev. Michael Sedgwick, Chair - Westminster, Esc.
Rev. Dr. Jan Farley - Village
Nancy Harber - Faith
Rev. Dr. Steve Locke - Pacific Beach
Mary Elva Smith - Faith
Charlie Walker - First, San Diego
Barry Billingsley - Solana Beach
Rev. Jeff McCrory - At Large
Laura Metzger - Village
Steve Ritz - Pacific Beach
Rev. Mike Wallman - Grace
Rev. Dr. Jim Wilson - At Large
Rev. Paul Kang - Korean United
Rev. Dr. Chris Lenocker - Faith
Daisy “D” Lund - Southeast
Rev. Elizabeth Wilson Manahan - First, Oceanside
Delores McNeely - Christ, United
Rev. Alex Wirth - Point Loma


Fourth Tuesday of the Month
alternating between Point Loma Community and Solana Beach Presbyterian Churches


Committee on Preparation for Ministry

  • Guides the preparation of those who are members of churches of this Presbytery to become teaching elders

  • Maintains covenant relationships with individuals of the Presbytery seeking to become teaching elders and with their sessions and congregations

  • Carries out the Presbytery’s responsibilities related to those preparing for ministry


Rev. Dr. Markus Watson, Chair - Westmorland
Paul Knowles - Fletcher Hills
Jan Magot - La Jolla
Rev. Jim Pazan - First, Brawley
Rev. Dr. David McElrath - Graham
Rev. Dr. Neal Presa - Village
Sue Moore - First, Oceanside
Doris Pate - Westmorland
Rev. Mofid Wasef - RB Community


Second Tuesday of the Month at Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church


Cyclical Special Committee

Oversee and advise the partnership with Cyclical San Diego.

Cyclical Forms:

Pathway for New Churches
Next Steps Support for New Churches
Covenant Agreement


Rev. Dr. Mike McClenahan, Chair - Solana Beach
Rev. Kim Dawsey-Richardson - First, El Cajon
Rev. John Moser - Mt. Soledad
Jim Sedgwick - La Jolla
Frances Lin - RB Community
Rev. Michael Mudgett - Presbytery


Second Wednesday of the Month


Ecclesiastical Committee

  • Assists the Presbytery in fulfilling its ecclesiastical functions

  • Provides training and support for the clerks of session of the churches of Presbytery in cooperation with the Stated Clerk

  • Conducts an annual review of session minutes and registers of all churches in the Presbytery and recommends appropriate action to Presbytery

  • Maintains a file of the Bylaws, manuals of administrative operations, and Articles of Incorporation of all churches in the Presbytery

  • Reviews and recommends to the Presbytery any action on overtures received from churches within this Presbytery or from standing committees of this Presbytery or from other presbyteries

  • Reviews all overtures sent from General Assembly and recommend approval or disapproval to Presbytery

  • Conducts as deemed necessary an annual review of minutes of the committees of Presbytery

  • Develops changes as necessary, reviews changes recommended by other committees or sessions, and recommends action to maintain the Presbytery's Manual of Operations as a current and accurate description of Presbytery processes.


Maurice Caskey, Chair - First, San Diego
Carole Ostrander - Westminster, Esc.
Ruth Sweet - Palisades
Scott Cadwalladar - First, Oceanside
Joan Stroh - Chula Vista
Rev. Bob Mentze - At-large



Evangelism & Missions Committee

  • Serves as a catalyst for Presbytery-wide efforts of New Church Development (NCD) to proclaim the gospel to the community

  • Provides guidance to individuals in training to become ruling elders and deacons and members of the NCD congregation regarding its expectations for a member church

  • Provides guidance to uniting persons and teaching elders that desire to be organized as a congregation of the PC(USA) and recommend to the Presbytery when such a congregation is prepared be admitted into its membership

  • Provides leadership in helping local congregations become more missional in their communities and connect to mission opportunities around the world


Rev. Eileen VanGieson, Chair - Christ, La Costa
Hugo Carbajal - Iglesia
Winnie Davis - Taiwanese
Pedro J’ernantes - Iglesia
Lyn Lloyd Smith - Village
Ben Brown - Christ United
Elizabeth Lou - La Jolla
Rev. Rosalind Ziccardi - At Large
Mady Cheng - RB Community
Rev. Michael Killeen - First, Oceanside
Jim Sedgwick - La Jolla
Rev. Randy Yenter - Lakeside


First Thursday of the month
alternating between Solana Beach
and Northminster Presbyterian Churches.


Human Resources Committee

  • Maintains an Employee Handbook that sets forth the personnel policies and practices of the Presbytery for all administrative and programmatic staff members that are Presbytery employees

  • Engages in evaluation and counseling with all Presbytery administrative staff members, and reviews the work of the Executive Presbyter and each Presbytery administrative staff member annually

  • Engages in evaluation and counseling with all Presbytery programmatic staff members and, in consultation with the Evangelism & Missions Committee, reviews the work of each programmatic staff member annually

  • When dealing with employment, termination, or evaluation of staff, consults with the chair or another representative chosen by any committee to which the staff person is related by position description

  • Issues offers of employment

  • Provides guidelines for administrative review of administrative and programmatic staff, including procedures for appeal to the Human Resources Committee; receives and reviews reports of the administrative reviews; and hears appeals as needed

  • Recommends to the Executive Presbyter the termination of employment at any time, of a member of the administrative or programmatic staff

  • Reviews annually and recommends to the BP&F Committee the individual salaries of administrative and programmatic staff

  • Recommends to Executive Presbyter, in the event of a vacancy in the administrative or programmatic staff, appropriate personnel for temporary employment

  • Reviews position descriptions for each administrative and programmatic staff member

  • Assists churches of the Presbytery in the formulation and review of personnel policies, guidelines or procedures for all staff

  • Receives recommendations from the Evangelism and Missions Committee regarding position descriptions, employment of staff members, routine personnel administration during the period of employment and, if warranted, termination of employment for mission projects


Rev. Gary Ziccardi, Chair - At Large
Em Cummins - Point Loma
Rev. John Moser - Mt. Soledad
CRE Paula Taylor - Solana Beach
Judy Enns - RB Community
Rom Sarno - Northminster


Third Thursday of the month
at the Executive Presbyter’s office.


Nominating Committee

  • Serves as a committee on nominations, seeking to discover and develop the most effective possible personnel for all Presbytery committees and representatives and commissioners to higher councils

  • Nominates persons to fill all vacancies on standing committees and commissions of Presbytery, boards and other bodies that require election by Presbytery or Synod, on an ongoing basis

  • Nominates individuals from the Presbytery to commissions and committees of higher level councils (i.e., Synod and General Assembly)

  • Presents nominations for Moderator and Vice-moderator of Presbytery

  • Presents nominations for the chairs of all standing committees of Presbytery and Executive Committee

  • Considers qualified teaching and ruling elders, deacons, and members from the particular churches, who are recognized for their commitment to Jesus Christ and who are available for service at Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly levels

  • Nominates delegates (e.g., young adult advisory delegates) to meetings of the General Assembly


Rev. Chris Kohlbry, Chair - At-large
Rev. Kim Dawsey-Richardson -First, El Cajon
Rudy Kosits - First, San Diego
Rev. Dr. Alan Deuel - At-large
Rev. Ray Sparling - Southeast
Vickie Bakki - RB Community


As needed.


Permanent Judicial Committee

This commission adjudicates any cases that are transmitted to them through PC(USA) processes.


Rev. Jack Baca - Village
Ron Gonzales - Faith
Rob Hanna - Point Loma
Rev. Dr. Jerry Andrews - First, San Diego
Betsy Martin - Pacific Beach
Lola Jordeth - Solana Beach
Rev. Karla Shaw - Point Loma


As needed.