Committee on Preparation for Ministry Resources

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) seeks to guide you through the process of becoming a Teaching Elder in the PC(USA). You will need to follow this process and expect for the following items to be completed.

  • A Masters of Divinity degree from an approved Seminary including Greek and Hebrew, and courses in PC(USA) polity, reformed worship, and theology.

  • A year long internship with a church different from the one you may be working in.

  • A Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) consisting of 400 hours in a credentialed setting.

  • A psychological assessment.

  • Passing all five ordination exams

  • Be a member of a PC(USA) congregation in the San Diego Presbytery for at least 6 months prior to initiating this process.



  • Form 1A (Application to be Enrolled as an Inquirer)

  • Form 1B (Questions for  Reflection)

  • Form 1C (Financial Planning for Theological Education)

  • Form 2A (Report of Consultation Regarding Application to become an Inquirer)

  • Form 2B (Covenant Agreement and Inquirer Release)

  • Form 3 (Pre-consultation Report on Development Areas)

  • Form 4 (Report on Consultation)

  • Form 5A (Application to be Enrolled by Presbytery as a Candidate)

  • Form 5B (Session Evaluation and Recommendation Regarding Enrollment as a Candidate)

  • Form 5C (Report of Consultation Regarding Application to become a Candidate)

  • Form 5D (Covenant Agreement and Candidate Release)

  • Form 6 (Summary Report of Final Assessment of Candidate’s Readiness to be Examined for Ordination)

  • Form 7A (Changing an Inquirer’s or Candidate’s Relationship of Care with the Presbytery)

  • Form 7B (Report of Conclusion of an Inquirer’s or Candidate’s Work with this Presbytery)

  • Self-Inventory Questions for Clarification